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GLE commences engineering on major carbon sequestration project

February 28, 2023 10:08 AM
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CALGARY, AB – Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is pleased to announce the commencement of FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) on a major CO2 pipeline, compression, and sequestration system for Whitecap Resources, in the province of Saskatchewan. Whitecap currently operates one of the largest anthropogenic carbon sequestration projects in the world, transporting CO2 from two major industrial emitters to their existing Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) hub located near Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  GLE is supporting Whitecap’s planned decarbonization strategy, involving expansion of their existing hub to include transportation for multiple additional industrial CO2 sources to new sequestration wells. On completion of a final investment decision, engineering, and construction, the project will represent a major extension of Whitecap’s existing sequestration network, and a major increase to Canada’s overall sequestration capacity.


“GLE is pleased to support a carbon sequestration leader such as Whitecap Resources, which already has an extensive portfolio of CO2 facilities, pipelines, and operational expertise in their Canadian operations. This sequestration project would be a natural extension of their current business, and we are looking forward to applying GLE’s experience from past major CO2 projects towards achieving an efficient system design.”

Stuart MacKenzie, P.Eng., CEO, Gas Liquids Engineering

Gas Liquids Engineering is a Canadian engineering leader in energy, gas, and liquids processing facilities, with one of the most extensive resumes of operational CO2 and acid gas sequestration projects globally. Since the first successful sequestration project in Canada in 1994, GLE has been the primary engineering firm on over 40 operational sequestration projects, and has provided process support, troubleshooting, and training on over 150 sequestration projects globally.  With extensive experience in solvent based extraction of CO2, CO2 compression, CO2 pipelines, and as a developer of CO2 dehydration technology, GLE is an established service provider in the complete design and project management of CCUS systems. Please visit us at

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